Domino Pine Volcano Unfinished endgrain193

Mafi Pine End-grain

End-grain, also known as crosscut, differs from standard wooden floors as it is cut across the tree trunk rather than along it. The result is a layer of small wood cubes with visible annual rings. These floors were traditionally installed in workshops and factories for their durability, though the unique pattern offers a distinctive aesthetic too. The unfinished 19mm thick wooden blocks are glued to nets for modern stability and easy installation. Finishing is done on-site.

  • MAFI: domino pine Vulcano, unfinished - end grain
  • Unfinished
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • 40x40x19mm timber flooring cubes on nets measuring 400x200x19mm
  • Durable finish, easy to clean and maintain with floor soap and water
  • In-house installation is highly recommended

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