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New Hackney Home

Magma mayon dark textured oak engineered flooring in hallway with shaker pegs
Magma mayon dark textured oak engineered flooring in hallway with kitchen in background and steel doors

Originally the ground floor was composed of three distinctively separate rooms: a central hallway with a living room and a kitchen running on either side of it. By reclaiming space from a large cupboard in the hallway and making the openings into the living room and kitchen larger, not only did the entrance into the house immediately feel much more spacious, but it also poured more light into the whole area.

The original standard sized doors were replaced by larger, steel-framed double doors, designed and made by Eelke himself. When open, they allow the floor to flow from one space to the next, while still allowing for privacy when desired. Eelke choose our textured Magma Mayon in a rustic extra wide board throughout the flat, also using it on the new staircase, the windowsills and as wall cladding in the bathroom.

Magma mayon dark textured oak clad staircase with elephant ear plant on antique chest
Oak magma mayon dark textured floor with engrain clad built in cupboard and antique chest with cactus

The new staircase features a bespoke made steel bannister (also designed and made by Eelke), seamlessly linking one floor to the next. The space underneath houses a larder and storage unit which is clad in a lighter, contrasting oak end-grain board giving another texture to the scheme. The steel bannister continues into a balustrade upstairs and is topped in matching timber, really showcasing the craftmanship and carpentry skills that our fitters possess.

Magma mayon dark textured oak wallcladding in bathroom with brown kimono
Magma mayon dark textured oak engineered floor in bedroom with colourful art and anglepoise lamp

The first floor has two bedrooms and an office where the same Magma Mayon was fitted, like downstairs, without thresholds to enhance the idea of space. Throughout the home, the dark Mayon and the white walls provide a strong monochrome background for Eelkeā€™s eclectic furniture pieces and his colourful art collection. With clever design and a team of top skilled craftsmen, Eelke has managed to make a standard, modern, run-of-the-mill flat into an exceptional home.


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