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Herringbone timber floors are the most popular of the parquet options. Named after the herring fish for its visual similarity to its bone structure, the herringbone pattern dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in buildings and roads. The interlocking system revolutionised paved roads, giving them stability and durability.

Our herringbone battens, in solid or engineered timber, are available in different sizes from a traditional small block, to a more contemporary oversized batten giving a modern twist to this well-loved classic. Add a single or double border for an extra statement, luxury touch. Or make a different pattern using the same battens, such as a ladder or double herringbone.

See below for some examples of herringbone floors. To view all the colours and timbers available in herringbone, please check the individual ranges.

All the ranges available in herringbone:

LandmarkStrataTateMagma - London


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