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A Dark Oak Floor With A Twist

Magma stromboli bespoke pattern with herringbone batten and green sofa

All sorts of interesting patterns can be created with battens traditionally used for a herringbone floor. Here we composed a site specific, bespoke pattern: a sort of oversized basketweave. The batten size was chosen specifically so the pattern fits the space perfectly. Careful planning of the set out in conjunction with the architectural design team was key for a successful outcome.

Floor instal mayon
Floor instal magma stromboli2

Fitting a complex floor like this requires skilled fitters with time served carpentry skills, but equally important is that they have a ‘good eye’ to select battens based upon colour and texture to ensure a cohesive entire floor. Notice the careful scribing of the floor around the column. Getting details like this right can take as long as laying the entire floor, but in the end, it is these details that get noticed and make the difference between an average floor and an outstanding floor.

Magma stromboli bespoke pattern with herringbone batten and bar
Oak magma stromboli herringbone

The interior is a bold display of industrial chic, to which the warm brown-grey tones and texture of Stromboli form a sound foundation. Who wouldn’t want to spend their nine-to-five in this uber-cool workspace? And after all the work is done, the bar is not far!

Through our bespoke system Magma Stromboli is available in various widths, as well as different parquet options. Please click though the product page to order a sample or contact our showroom for more information.

Design: Moholondon


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