Journal - Technical advice

  • compton reclaimed board in east showroom

    If you’ve ever pored over glossy images of smart, newly done-up interiors, you have no doubt spotted spaces with what appear to be vintage, warm and slightly worn timber floors running throughout them, and you may have wondered how the folks who...

  • Wip versailles panel oiling

    Among the many desirable features of our floors is that most of them are sealed with hard wax oil creating a surface on the wood that is both pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

  • Pine boards 4

    One of the most common questions we encounter in our showrooms runs along the lines of, “We just moved into an old property, and we have old pine floorboards. Should we try to restore them or should we replace them with new timber flooring?” Now, we...

  • Grading in timber

    A timber floor can be the perfect addition to any room. From elegant dining rooms and contemporary living areas to chic workspaces, galleries, bars and restaurants, a natural timber floor can complement your décor and elevate your interior. Of...

  • Magma mayon dark textured oak clad staircase with elephant ear plant on antique chest

    There are few things as pleasing to the architectural eye as a beautiful floor seamlessly flowing into a staircase, visually linking one level to the next.