Journal - We are SOLID

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    Our story started, as many good stories do, in Amsterdam. The year was 1994 and geography student, Eelke Jan Bles, was looking to earn some extra money for his studies. What started as a side hustle, soon became a budding success. Within months, they...

  • We are solid

    We currently have open positions to support our dynamic sales team and our growing installation team:

    • Sales accounts manager
    • Self-employed hardwood flooring installers
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    Over the years we have collaborated with many retailers and restaurateurs and there is no time better than now to celebrate these beautiful spaces that give pleasure to our daily lives. Like everyone else, during lockdown we’ve missed popping into...

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    Last year we opened the doors to a large, new showroom just behind Columbia Road in the former Evans pottery workshop on Ezra Street, in the buzzing area of Shoreditch. It is a vast, atmospheric space with ample room to showcase our full wooden...

  • We are Solid

    Earlier this year we had team photography done on the corner of Ezra Street, with local photographer/new kid on the block @jackkitchenphotography. It was windy. It was cold. But more than anything it was fun as we don’t often have a chance to get...