It’s All About Texture: A Rough-Sawn Herringbone Floor In A Modern Apartment

When you buy a newly built apartment off-plan and are confronted with what is basically an empty concrete shell on completion, it can be daunting for anyone. How do you add character and interest when there are no graceful mouldings or well-worn surfaces? Look how this bare space was turned into a welcoming home by adding lots of texture.

modern parquet flooring used in dining room

The space, originally planned as an office, was transformed into a one-bedroom studio space by adding a couple of partition walls. It is almost a box, within a box, still allowing light through by not going all the way to ceiling. The walls are actually not just walls, but act as storage space accessible from both sides: a wardrobe in the bedroom and a shallow cupboard, to keep the place as uncluttered as possible, in the living space.

Magma Mayon kitchen
Dark textured Magma Mayon oak on kitchen cabinets and wall.
Tate bute heavy sawmarks herringbone top down portrait

A contrasting dark oak board, Magma Mayon, was used for the open plan kitchen area. A magma board also has a beautiful texture and tactile patina, which is achieved by a process of hand-torching and wire-brushing the surface. The textured Tate Bute with extra heavy saw marks gives the space immediate character and personality. The oversized herringbone batten adds pattern and a dynamic element to what is otherwise a considered, minimal scheme.

Tate bute herringbone floor with green sofa 3a

The bottle green velvet sofa adds a luxurious touch and contrasts beautifully with the neutral tones that form the backbone of the interior.