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Meet the team



was holding the fort, mainly from Somerset, kept company by his dogs and newly acquired ducks (oh – those eggs Rob used to bring to us… we missed those!).


was working on a residential project in Amsterdam, finding all sorts of ingenious ways to use our timber - follow him on Instagram as he knows a thing or two about photography as well.

Ersan and Giulia


, whom you can normally find in our East showroom, was keeping us entertained with his quotes from Classic Hollywood movies: “I am big. It was the pictures that got small.” Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Keep them coming Jeffrey!


, from our West showroom, was juggling work while entertaining his 4-year-old son, whom he introduced to the joys of old fashioned board games. Meanwhile,


took up running with the Couch Potato to 5K podcast: well done Giulia!



, who looks after our marketing, was in her garden at every free moment during daylight. We are looking forward to seeing that jumper that


, who looks after your projects, has nearly finished crocheting. And once we’re all back together in the office we really want to hear the Karaoke skills that


, our accountant, has picked up during the evenings spent with his family!

Although we were are all working remotely, scattered all over, we were grateful for all the clients and suppliers who kept in touch and enabled us to keep projects on track as much as possible.


As for our installers, they were still fitting floors where possible, working either in pairs or solo, so social distancing was not a problem. Always with good humour and high spirits, these skilled carpenters have been working with us for over a decade and know their trade better than anyone.


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