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Oversized herringbone parquet for a stylish refurb of a duplex in Marylebone

TREDEGAR herringbone bar living room

Bridget Reading ID transformed this well-worn duplex apartment into a new modern home. Our Landmark Tredegar sits comfortably next to marble, mirrored surfaces and an eclectic choice of furniture.

For the open-plan kitchen and living area, Reading chose our oak Landmark Tredegar in a daring, oversized herringbone format. A sophisticated bar area and small office are built neatly in an existing alcove and are discreetly screened by bespoke sliding doors glazed in mirror glass.

TREDEGAR herringbone dining room
TREDEGAR herringbone kitchen

Oak Landmark Tredegar is a moody, warm grey. The wood of the dining furniture sits happily upon it, complimenting but not overwhelming it.

Without being fussy, the traditional pattern of the Tredegar herringbone pairs nicely with the formality of the Carrera marble used in the kitchen island.

TREDEGAR herringbone dining room landscape

While the Tredegar runs throughout, the kitchen can be screened off with glazed doors that match those of the bar/office, allowing cooking noise and smells to be contained.

TREDEGAR herringbone plank with brass insert
TREDEGAR herringbone dining room hallway

Instead of more commonly used thresholds, brass strips were placed between the plank and herringbone flooring. The same brass detail is repeated between the marble floor of the hallway and the timber flooring in the open plan living area, giving an extra design element to the surface.

design: Bridget Reading ID

photography: Chris Snook Photography


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