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Steps and Stairs

Oak landmark dyrham roomset portrait
Solidfloor co uk oak landmark dyrham staircase and geometric tiles

Rather than an afterthought, the staircase should be a key element within the design process, as there are many different means to achieve distinctive looks. Whether you are cladding an existing staircase or building a bespoke design, we can fabricate matching timber, made to measure, to fit your requirements. Our excellent team of fitters have years of experience and a real eye for detail to ensure the highest standard of carpentry.

Magma mayon dark textured oak clad staircase with elephant ear plant on antique chest
Oak magma mayon dark timber clad staircase with square edged bullnose detail

The steps themselves can be finished in various ways. For a modern, minimal look the step can be joined in a 90-degree angle, making a neat and minimal square edge, exaggerating the angularity of the steps and complementing a paired-back, contemporary scheme.

Chevron Dalton with matching stairs
Detail of overhanging bullnose

Using an overhanging, rounded bullnose on the tread of the step gives a more traditional look. The bullnose can be carried through to the short side of the step too, giving an extra tailored architectural element to a staircase.

Oak Tate Tiree stair detail with metal strips
Oak TATE Steps with lights

Safety on the steps is paramount everywhere but is especially important on commercial projects. Built-in spotlights illuminating the tread is a clever way of increasing visibility while adding a lovely design detail. Anti-slip metal bars, obligatory in public places, can also be incorporated.


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