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Texture And Character With Dark Magma Stromboli Oak Flooring

MAGMA stromboli kitchen island landscape by Byron Chambers

Dating from 1725, this characterful family home near Salisbury in Wiltshire was given a new lease of life with the addition of what the owners called their “entertaining space,” an elegant dining and living area just off a refurbished kitchen and larder.

MAGMA stromboli diningroom by Byron Chambers

Here, our oak Magma Stromboli, supplied in three widths, one an eye-popping 385 millimetres in breadth, flows throughout each of these interconnected and yet diverse spaces. We often hear prospective clients, when they see Magma or similarly highly textured floors, floors full of enhanced grain and figure say, “Well, that would be fine for a warehouse or a barn, but not for a more refined interior.” That argument is soundly disproven by this interior, as the photos so obviously demonstrate.

In the dining/living extension, a delicate, polished marble, French chimneypiece sits comfortably, surrounded by the gutsy planks of the Stromboli, as though they have always shared the room. A voluptuous, button-tufted sofa in deep green velvet adds to the old-world refinement. The taupe brown walls add another layer of warmth and intimacy. It does not get more elegant than this.

MAGMA stromboli diningroom portrait by Byron Chambers
MAGMA stromboli steps by Byron Chambers

As the house is situated on a hillside, the kitchen found itself to be somewhat lower than the rest of the rooms, necessitating a stair to communicate between the two. During the renovation, it was reworked in the Magma Stromboli, giving our craftsmen an opportunity to show off their skill.

MAGMA stromboli steps 1
MAGMA stromboli steps topdown

The construction of the stair, rendered in solid Magma Stromboli, shows how simple, thoughtful detailing can bring sheer delight to even the most utilitarian of household components. By carefully mitring the edges of the treads, the staircase celebrates both the material and the joiner’s craft.

Photography: Byron Chambers


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