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A contemporary, light oak floor for a Lake House in the Cotswolds

Light oak flooring landmark osterley the lakes1

The whole project has a whopping ten-page feature in the April edition of Elle Deco and is a brilliant example of how important the choice of floor is to set the tone in a scheme. Katie McCrum took further inspiration from the natural earthy tones surrounding the property for the interior. The light and bright tones of the Osterley oak floor form a sound foundation to this scheme featuring calm greys and bleached neutrals. The floor reflects the light streaming in through the large windows and works as a perfect backdrop to the many natural textures found in the rugs and accessories.

Light oak floor landmark osterley lake view

Katie McCrum cleverly designed the floor to be laid on the diagonal in the living area, creating dynamic lines within the space and leading your eye towards the stunning lake view.

Light oak flooring landmark osterley with hanging chair
Light oak flooring landmark osterley hallway with stairs

Adjacent to the living room is a hallway, separated by double metal doors. The boards in this flooring area run in the opposite direction, creating an interesting 45° chevron point where the two different floors meet. The staircase and landing on the first floor also feature Osterley. Note the balustrade with matching handrail which is meticulously set withing the floor and offers an interesting architectural feature.

Through our bespoke system, Landmark Osterley is available in various widths, as well as different parquet options. Please click though the product page to order a sample or contact our showroom for more information.


Design: McCrum Interior Design

Photography: Adelina Iliev


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